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How to have a great sex

Sex is arguably the best ever perk when you're in a relationship. The physical intimacy is overwhelming, and it's one of the most powerful ways to show your love for your partner. However, when things start to become like routine, the spark can fade and you start wondering how to have great sex once again. Well, you don't have to sign up for expensive lessons to learn the art of seduction or hire a therapist to advise you on how to make your woman orgasm. Below are the top secrets on how to have great sex, revealed.

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Want to know some tips on how to have great sex? I'm sure you do. Most men do not know that great sex always starts before the actual intercourse happen. According to sex masters, foreplay is the key to having great sex. Enjoy the foreplay. Most of us focus so much on the actual deed and paying less attention to the foreplay, thus, it makes us feel empty and totally unsatisfied right after. What's the rush? Foreplay was invented for a reason. Kiss, caress and stroke each other to your heart's content. I guarantee you more pleasure and more orgasms during the sex. Once you've learned this and become good at it, it will surely transform you into a sex master. Maybe you will be asking yourself, "What will be the result if I'm good at foreplay?" the answer is women will be begging you for more. Below are some steps that will surely make her hornier than ever.

Love your body

Being too conscious of your physical appearance will hinder you from enjoying the sex altogether. You think you're too fat? Is your penis too small? Is your breast too flat? Loving your body is a great factor in making you feel comfortable. And when you're comfortable, you become more desirable. So let go of your inhibitions and enjoy.

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Build His Sexual Arousal

You should start by building your partner sexual arousal hours before you have sex with him. For example: if he is at work, you start working on him sexual arousal. You can do this by calling him and say things that will complement him. Things like, "you look beautiful and sexy before going to work" then followed by "I'm so excited to see you after work and give you a good massage". Tease him good and let him feel that he will be having a great sex after work. The key is to get him more excited.

Make Him Feel Comfortable

The key here is to set up the place where you will have sex to a more relaxing and comfortable ambiance. For example: make your bedroom clean, put some fragrance, get yourself an erotic lingerie to put on, dim the lights and put some music. This will surely make him more seduced, turned on and hornier when he arrived from work.

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Give Him a Massage

In this step, you will be preparing him for sex. This will help him warmed up and relaxed. It is a good idea to use oils that smell good and apply the massage first on his shoulders and neck. Then the next step is to slowly work on his body. Like her back, chest, and thighs. Now he is getting hot!


While giving him a massage, you will then work on giving him a kiss. Start kissing him slowly on his back then his chest, all the way up to the neck and ears. While doing this, you will see that he is beginning to like it. This is a signal that you can start putting some intensity on kissing him. And you go as much as removing his clothes.

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Oral Sex to Actual Intercourse

After all the steps you've done, it is time to have sex. But do not rush things. Start first with oral sex. If there is still some dress left, undress each other slowly then explore each other’s body and lead it to oral sex. Then suddenly, you will feel that it is time for real sex to happen and with these tips on how to have great sex will even make her beg for it.

Are you still having trouble uncovering the secrets to make your man orgasm? Would you like to know the craft of enticement and have extraordinary sex constantly? Try getting more slutty lingerie for yourself. That is indispensable things that make your sex life become hotter as well as more excited.

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